Some notes of love from our friends & fans

ARTplay is a neighborhood and community necessity! Jarah’s approach to art, play, and learning is inspiring! We will forever love this place!
— Lindsey
An inviting, warm, kid-centric space reflective of a woman with a passion for letting kids be kids. Great work, Jarah!
— Katie
Her mind is blossoming, creativity i haven’t seen before, not just in art but I’m ways of thinking. I think this expressive art has nurtured that seed. Jarah carries on great discussions in class that gets her thinking. Absolutely love the art show at the end of class, love watching the confidence grow and the kindness children practice in that time!
— Anonymous
Can’t say enough about ARTplay and Jarah. My daughter’s 3rd bday party was such a blast, I mentioned a theme and she came up with the cutest crafts and handled everything. She is wonderful to work with. All the kids had so much fun, I can’t wait to take my girls back for classes.
— Amy
It is an amazing concept! You have the perfect studio space, and it’s truly a place where children can explore, create, and get messy. At a time when it seems like kids’ activities are so regulated and controlled, ARTplay is refreshing in that it’s a place where kids can truly just be kids.
— Anonymous
Jarah has a gift in making magic happen when it comes to kids and art. We have enjoyed all the classes, and have our son’s self-portrait framed hanging in his bedroom! We had our daughter’s 5th birthday at ARTplay, it was personalized and special. The kids made fairy dolls. There is nothing like this, Lexington is so fortunate to have this gem of a place.
— Christina