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Mini Makers

(with caregiver)

ages 8-18 months

This first time art experience for our tiniest artist and their parent/caregiver is all about a PROCESS- based, colorful Fun! Each week we will present a simple theme and dive into mixing, pouring, touching, scribbling and exploring all the messy material that we can find! Our playful and child-led approach allows children the freedom to explore supplies and materials at their own pace. We value the unstructured exploration this class provides for our tiniest friends over a specific product or project.


Little Artists

(with caregiver)

ages 1.5-3

Little Creators will have unstructured time to play and explore the different art areas in the studio AND will have one small guided project. Parents or caregivers will play alongside of the child as they discover the joy of painting, drawing, building, collaging, print-making and more! You can expect much messy color mixing, cardboard box playing, nature materials building and process-based fun will be a part of each class.


Big Inventors (drop off)

ages 3-6

Woohooo! You are old enough to come to the art studio all by your BIG self now! In this drop-off class, children will begin with a guided project that dives into painting, sculpture, printmaking, clay, collaging, cardboard box play or more.. Each class will have one project and time for free art, unstructured time to play with other art materials/stations in the studio. We will end each class with an Art Show. Children share their art with friends, while building confidence in their art work and communication skills. THey also practice looking at others art, sharing kind compliments and asking questions. This is always a favorite (and special!) part of our class.


Cool Creatives

(drop off)

ages 5-10

Now you are really, really BIG! This special class is much more focused on a project or product, all the while still playing with the process! We encourage children to use their big imaginations, ideas and give them space for innovation. Our projects are centered around contemporary art, art techniques, art history, culture and PLAY! We value children’s thoughts on how and what they would like to create. Each month has a different theme, such as, PAINT, BUILD, COLLAGE, PRINT. Many of our projects will be worked on for more than one day, requiring this to be a monthly session.


Preschool Collective: little Artists + BIG Inventors


ages 1.5-5

Calling ALL little ones!!! This is much like our Open Studio...BUT.....only for our tiniest artist friends (1.5-5). Come at anytime between 9:30-11:30 to paint, create and play for one hour. The studio will be set up with many art areas for you and your child to explore at your own pace. We typically have out paint, clay, sensory bins, cardboard boxes, drawing materials, chalk and more! This is a process-based time for children to discover and play on their own. It's a messy and marvelous time and you are bound to make new friends! (and free coffee for all grown up:)


Open Studio

All age children from 1.5-10. We now have open studio Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00. Children from Ashland Elementary now have the option of walking from school to the studio with an ARTplay teacher. Pick up at 2:45 and arrival at studio by 2:55.

Open Studio is a child-led/family experience. We provide the materials and YOU provided the ideas! If children are old enough to use the studio and materials in a safe, respectable way, they may be dropped off. One month may be exploring painting and the next month could be weaving. We also have lots of recyclable materials, cardboard, tape, paint and more for a total free art experience! THis is a super fun time for siblings or friends looking for a creative play date!


Homeschool Collective

Meet your fellow HOMESCHOOL friends! We will play, make, build, create and more! Each class will have one focused project and also time for children to explore the studio, play and build with cardboard boxes and more. We will also have a small art show at the end of each class......children love sharing their work AND sharing kind thoughts and asking thoughtful questions about their friends work. This class is child-led and process based. We focus on indulgent, messy, colorful F U N!



Ages 5-10

Weave, Sew, Clay, Jewelry Making and all things will learn fun skills and techniques, all while using their CREATIVITY to the max! Kids will work on each project for two classes, requiring a full session sign up. This super fun class will also involve painting, drawing and more.


Community Makers

ages 5-10

Calling all KINDNESS advocates!!! In this 6 week class we will make and celebrate all things about being a good citizen in our community. Children will choose a charity or organization of their choice to help through their artwork. The projects will be the ideas of the group, but could include an Art Sale, making art to brighten a homeless shelter, raising money for school art supplies.....or who knows what amazing things they will come up with! I'm incredibly excited to see! Peace, Love + ART!!